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Vote NO to Trump

He wasn't even organized enough to purchase this domain (or at public auction, and he wants to run the U.S.A.?

Days after I won this domain at public auction I received a letter from Trump attorneys threatening to sue me for trademark infringement for purchasing this domain.

Guess who still owns the domain... not that guy!

Now let’s discuss why you should vote NO to Trump.

Donald Trump has also had a history of changing his stance on very key important topics. You have seen this firsthand in the past year of his campaign. Did you know this has happened in the past as well? Let’s take a look at some instances:

Some of his “flip flops” occurred from his position in 1999-2000 to his position in 2011-2012.

In 1999-2000 Trump was:
1. Pro choice except for partial birth
2. For assault weapon ban
3. Prosecute anti-gay hate crimes
4. Have a 14.25% tax on all wealth to pay off the national debt

More recently in 2011-2012 his position has changed to:
1. Pro life
2. Opposes gun control
3. Against gay marriage and gay benefits
4. Extending the Bush tax cuts

Someone who has a pattern of flipping their stance on very significant issues cannot be trusted to keep their word. What Trump says today could easily change by November 9th so what your vote may be based on may very well become void after your vote is cast. Judging by his history this is not a far-fetched scenario. So what you are voting for then is not what he says (because that can easily change) but who he is. And I don’t need to tell you who he is, he’s done a great job of exemplifying that to everyone over the past year.