Trump.org will be home to an Anti-Trump movement site.  #RESIST

Read the Washington Post article about how Trump tried to take Trump.org and lost.

As Trump.org is being built out over the next week or two I am looking for anyone who feels passionately about being Anti-Trump and wants to contribute to the site.  You will receive credit for your contributions or you can contribute anonymously if you wish.  I am looking for:

Journalists – looking for a few (professionals, students, hobbyists welcome) to create articles to help inform the public

Illustration/Graphics – looking for 1-2 people for a cartoon strip and 1-2 people to create infographics

Social Media – looking for 1 person to create and manager social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and potentially one more.

Researcher – looking for 2-3 people who will sort through Trump & staff tweets, find hypocrisy between past words and current words/actions of Trump & staff, find any interesting tidbits for the journalists to potentially write an article on, etc…

If interested you can reach me by going here to leave a comment after this post.  Your name, email, and comment will not appear on the website.  It will be kept private and I’ll get in touch with you via your email address.


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