The Only Question on Trump and Russia You Need to Think About



When the President of the United States takes the time to send three separate tweets in a 24 hour span about the same subject the question is why.  Is the subject of the utmost importance or does he have an ulterior motive?  Why is Donald Trump so concerned about the allegations people are making about potential collusion with Russia? 

If you sat home today and the police knocked on your door and wanted to talk to you in connection to a crime that happened today far away from your home would you be concerned?  Or would you not care and freely talk to them because you were home today and you didn’t do anything wrong?  You’d probably crack a smile, invite them into your home, and talk away because after all you know that you did not do anything wrong… right?

The reason why nobody is looking into Clinton and Russia is because Clinton is not President and you are Mr. Trump (as you smugly pointed out in a recent interview).  You also have a handful of your inner circle who had contact with Russian officials in the past 8 months.  Did those same people all have contact with New Zealand officials, or Polish officials, or Brazilian officials?  I’d guess not.  But then why did they all have contact with Russia officials?

Spoiler Alert:  Vague House of Cards reference coming your way

Remember in House of Cards when Frank Underwood wants to get everyone’s attention off of something he did and so he creates a big distraction?  After seeing these Trump tweets that reference popped into my head for a second time.  The first time this thought popped into my head was when a miracle occurred and two pages of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns floated into someone’s hands.  Coincidentally that specific year show that Trump paid taxes.  And for a night the topic on the news stations was not about Russia but about Trump’s tax returns.  Well played “whoever” leaked them.  Speaking of leaks, whenever there has been a leak there’s been a Trump tweet denouncing the leak and calling for an investigation.  But when his personal tax returns got leaked I don’t recall seeing the same type of tweet about that leak.  Another thing that makes you go hmmmm.

And in other news, the guy running this House Intel investigation on the Trump/Russia connection, Rep Nonsense, I mean Rep Nunes (Freudian slip) needed to go to the White House to view documents which has been called irregular and unusual, terms that are par for the course with the Trump presidency.  Speaking of par should we talk about how much Trump has golfed so far… nevermind.

Rep Nunes, looking a little like Steve Carell in The Office and running this investigation just like Michael Scott would too

In a shock to no one, the former Attorney General Sally Yates was scheduled to testify and because she is thought to have some very significant first hand knowledge from her former role (which included looking into Michael Flynn’s Russia link), Rep Nunes abruptly cancelled the hearing the same day.  Way to serve your country and the people in your state that voted for you Mr. Nunes.  #Shameful


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