Trump’s Big Call: To Sign or Veto the Internet Privacy Bill


The bill that recently passed through Congress and is going to Trump to sign or to veto is the internet privacy bill where internet providers would be able to sell your private internet usage data.  I’m still a little unclear on what the benefit of the this bill is for the US public… oh yes, there is none.  This is purely our lovely elected leaders selling their votes to companies that gave them some funding.  Since the internet providers are going to money hand over fist selling our private internet usage data then member of Congress must have gotten some rather large contributions to their campaigns, right?  Not according to this article on the Verge website.  Some of them got as little as $1,000 donated to their campaign.  What a bunch of cheap sellout frauds who pander for your vote and then kick your interests to the curb once they get it.  Sounds like someone else I know too.

But our good government knew things like this would happen so we have checks and balances in place.  This bill will get turned over to the elected President who has the opportunity to do what the majority Americans want him to do and veto the bill.  You forget one thing, our elected President doesn’t care about what you or I want.  He’s busy playing golf, traveling to Florida on vacation, giving his relatives positions at the top of our government, making taxpayers pay millions because part of his family wants to live outside Washington DC, and oh yes, making any and every decision that is in the favor of large corporations.  Climate change, ah screw it, we need oil companies to make more money.  Clean rivers, who needs them, the coal industry is really what matters.  And now your private internet surfing, how dare you want to keep it private when companies like our best friend Comcast can generate another revenue stream.  Will Trump veto this bill?  No, because he doesn’t care about the public.



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