Trump’s Inner Circle and Russia: When is Enough Enough?


How many of Donald Trump’s inner circle had contact with Russia over the past 12 months?  Let’s see… Flynn, Sessions, Manafort, and now add golden boy Jared Kushner to the list.  We’re going to need two hands soon to count the people.  It was reported today that Kushner met with a Russian official AS WELL AS the head of the major Russian bank just four months ago.  A little backstory, this is the same Russian bank was used as a cover for a Russian spy which was discovered and charged by New York US Attorney Preet Baharara…  yes, that is the same Preet Baharara that was in the news recently because the Trump administration fired him after being promised he would keep his job.  You can read about that court case here.  It’s funny how everything is connected in one way or another.  Coincidence?  There’s a bridge in Brooklyn that perhaps Donald Trump (errrrr, maybe his sons since Donald is hands off his business now, right, well besides looking at the P&L statements) might like to sell you if you believe that.

Another funny thought, you would think that the Trump camp would understand the importance of steering clear of Russia during and after the election, so why would they take the risk and have private meetings with Russia?  One of those things that make you go hmmmmmmm…  While Trump will decry anything about him, his campaign, or his inner circle having anything to do with Russia is #FakeNews how much smoke do we need before we declare there is a fire?  This 2013 tweet from Trump seems very relevant now.


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